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Vol de Nuit, a 28-year-old bar in Nyc, is one of the city’s coziest and most friendly spots. Vol de Nuit is a local and visitor favorite due to its warm ambiance, knowledgeable staff, and large variety of drinking drinks. At voldenuitbar.com, the website of Vol de Nuit, you can learn more about the specialty of alcoholic beverages, and how the team at the bar is dedicated to bringing the right awareness to Americans about beer, wine, and other spirits. The website is a wealth of information about the history, production, and flavor notes of various alcoholic drinks, making it a great resource for wine, beer, and spirit enthusiasts.

About Chen Mina

Chen Mina is one of many who have been moved by the depth and tales behind drinking beverages, beer, and wine. Each beverage has its unique flavor profile, history, and production process, and when you have knowledge and experience, you will feel that these drinks are a great thing. Chen Mina believes that the more people understand about alcoholic beverages, the more they will be able to appreciate them, and the team at Vol de Nuit shares this belief.

Whether you are a seasoned drinker or just starting to explore the world of alcoholic beverages, Vol de Nuit and its website, voldenuitbar.com, are excellent resources to help you learn more and discover new favorites. With its commitment to education and the highest quality products, Vol de Nuit is a must-visit destination for anyone who loves great drinks.

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Time Out

Before mustachioed hipsters even knew what Chimay was, this subdued West Village bar was pouring bold Belgian brews. Though VDN’s list hasn’t matured much since the bar opened in 1995, it remains one of the city’s coziest, if most predictable, hops havens. Eight drafts include the powerhouse blonde Delirium Tremens and biting Leffe brown, but there are over 40 different bottled beers, many of them trippel and trappist styles. The solid, enjoyable lineup is rounded out by first-rate pub food like moules and fries that will pad your belly after all those pints.



The open-air atrium at Vol De Nuit (148 W. Fourth St., West Village, 212-982-3388; voldenuitbar.com) is enough of a selling point for us, but you might also want to check out this Belgian beer house for its extensive drink selections, which range from $5 draws to $20-plus bottles (from Duvel to traditional Gueuze, they’re exclusively Belgian) and a food menu of Belgian classics like Moules Frites (steamed mussels and French fries). A hopping singles scene emerges around the atrium’s patio tables and in the upstairs bar at night, but this is more of a fine-beer-lover’s establishment. NYU is down the street, and weekend crowds can be especially student-heavy.



The Village’s very own Belgian beer bar, Vol de Nuit appeals to those whose palates crave something more than your standard domestic brews. The place exudes a certain European sensibility. The low-key space is rustically dressed with heavy wrought iron and wooden furniture, hardwood floors, exposed ceiling rafters and rough-surfaced walls. In addition to high-quality imported beer, Vol also serves up outstanding mussels and fries (made even better when accompanied by their homemade aioli or Anadalouse sauce). TRAIN: A, B, C, D, E, F, V to W 4th St-Washington Sq



This is the bar in which John Stone confronts Cutty, aka Andrea’s ketamine connection. It’s a good beer bar. There’s a courtyard patio out front and some legit Belgian frites on the menu. They’ve got tons of Belgian beer on tap—which made it all the more ridiculous when Stone ordered a Rolling Rock.



Smack dab in NYU Land, Vol de Nuit somehow maintains a serenity wonderfully at odds with downtown’s nightly boozy chaos. Maybe because the name is French and therefore classy. It also translates to night flight, which is perfect. Anyway, there’s an inner-courtyard sandwiched between two main bars, one of which is lit in muted red, like a bordello. But a bordello with Delirium Tremens on tap and heaping portions of moules frites.



When beer halls start to seem too rowdy and loud, head to much calmer Vol de Nuit in Greenwich Village. Although the bare-bones, redbrick courtyard and its metal café chairs and tables won’t win any design awards, Vol de Nuit’s distance from the street makes it a serene locale for sipping one of the Belgian beers that pair amiably with the mussels and fries—the only things on the menu. The bar’s interior is decorated with a pressed-tin ceiling, hurricane lamps, and a small bar cozied up against a back corner and dimly lit with bare red lightbulbs. It’s all quite soothing. After a few sips, you could imagine yourself transported to a sleepy side street in New Orleans’s French Quarter. 148 W. 4th St., 212/982-3388, voldenuitbar.com.




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