Discover the Most Popular Beer in Queensland 2024: A Guide to Local Favorites

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Queensland, Australia, renowned for its sunny beaches and vibrant culture, also boasts a thriving beer scene. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the most popular beers enjoyed by Queenslanders. From local brews to international favorites, discover the diverse array of beers that define Queensland’s beer culture.

Queensland’s Beer Culture

Before delving into the specific beers that dominate Queensland, it’s essential to understand the broader beer culture in the region. Queenslanders have a penchant for refreshing, sessionable beers, particularly given the state’s warm climate. Additionally, there’s a growing appreciation for craft beer, with many locals seeking out unique and flavorful brews from independent breweries.

Embracing Local Brews

Queensland’s craft beer scene has experienced exponential growth in recent years, with an influx of microbreweries and brewpubs across the state. These establishments offer a platform for local brewers to showcase their creativity and expertise, resulting in a strong sense of community among beer enthusiasts.

International Influence

While local brews are celebrated, Queenslanders also embrace beers from around the globe. International brands, particularly those from Europe and the United States, hold a significant presence in the Queensland market. Whether it’s a classic German lager or an American-style IPA, Queenslanders enjoy exploring a variety of beer styles from different corners of the world.

Most Popular Beers in Queensland

Now, let’s explore some of the most popular beers that dominate Queensland’s beer scene. From iconic brews to emerging favorites, these beers capture the essence of Queensland’s beer culture.


What Is XXXX Beer And What Makes It Unique?

XXXX Gold holds a special place in the hearts of many Queenslanders. Produced by Castlemaine Perkins in Brisbane, XXXX Gold is a quintessential Queensland beer known for its crisp, refreshing taste. It’s a go-to choice for many locals, whether they’re relaxing at the beach or cheering on their favorite sports team.

Great Northern Brewing Co.


Great Northern Brewing Co. has emerged as a popular choice among Queensland beer drinkers. Known for its easy-drinking lagers and ales, Great Northern offers a range of brews tailored to Queensland’s outdoor lifestyle. Whether it’s the Original Lager or the Super Crisp Lager, Great Northern beers are synonymous with leisurely gatherings and outdoor adventures.

James Squire

The Plus Ones - Beer Appreciation @ The Swanston Hotel - Giveaways

James Squire beers have garnered a loyal following in Queensland and beyond. With a diverse lineup of craft beers inspired by Australia’s colonial history, James Squire offers something for every palate. From hop-forward IPAs to smooth, malt-driven ales, James Squire beers appeal to both seasoned beer aficionados and casual drinkers alike.

Stone & Wood

Stone & Wood refreshes packaging - National Liquor News

Stone & Wood has carved out a niche in Queensland’s craft beer scene with its emphasis on quality and sustainability. Brewed in Byron Bay, just across the border in New South Wales, Stone & Wood beers have found a dedicated fan base in Queensland. The brewery’s flagship beer, Pacific Ale, is particularly beloved for its tropical fruit flavors and easy-drinking nature.

Balter Brewing Company

Award-Winning Balter Brewing Company Has Been Snapped Up by Beer Behemoth CUB - Concrete Playground

Balter Brewing Company has quickly risen to prominence in Queensland’s craft beer landscape. Founded by a group of surfing legends, including Mick Fanning and Joel Parkinson, Balter is known for its innovative brews and laid-back vibe. Beers like the XPA (Extra Pale Ale) and IPA showcase Balter’s commitment to quality and flavor, earning them a loyal following among Queenslanders.

Burleigh Brewing Co.

Burleigh Brewing Company - The Crafty Pint

Burleigh Brewing Co. is another local favorite, known for its range of handcrafted beers brewed on the Gold Coast. From the iconic 28 Pale Ale to the tropical-themed Twisted Palm Lager, Burleigh Brewing offers a diverse selection of brews that capture the essence of Queensland’s coastal lifestyle.

Emerging Trends and Future Outlook

As Queensland’s beer scene continues to evolve, several emerging trends are worth noting. These include:

  • Rise of Hazy IPAs: Hazy IPAs, known for their juicy flavors and hazy appearance, are gaining popularity among Queensland beer drinkers. Breweries like Balter and Black Hops are experimenting with this trendy style, catering to the evolving tastes of local beer enthusiasts.
  • Sustainability Initiatives: With an increased focus on environmental sustainability, many breweries in Queensland are implementing eco-friendly practices, such as water conservation and waste reduction. These efforts resonate with environmentally conscious consumers and contribute to a more sustainable beer industry.
  • Collaborations and Limited Releases: Collaborative brews and limited-edition releases are generating excitement among Queensland beer enthusiasts. Collaborations between local breweries and international counterparts, as well as special one-off brews, offer unique experiences for beer connoisseurs seeking something new and exciting.


Queensland’s beer culture is as diverse and dynamic as the state itself. From iconic lagers to innovative craft brews, Queenslanders have a wide range of beers to enjoy, reflecting their adventurous spirit and appreciation for quality. Whether you’re sipping a cold beer at a beachside bar or exploring the latest offerings at a local brewery, Queensland’s beer scene offers something for everyone to savor and enjoy. Cheers to the vibrant and ever-evolving world of Queensland beer!