What Type Of Beer Is Budweiser? Discovering The Unique Taste Of America’s Favorite Lager

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What type of beer is Budweiser? This question has crossed the minds of beer enthusiasts for years. As someone who enjoys trying new beers, I found myself intrigued by the distinct taste of Budweiser. From the iconic red and white can to its popularity worldwide, this beer has a certain appeal that draws people in. But what sets it apart from other beers? Is it a lager, an ale, or something else entirely? In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the world of Budweiser and uncover what type of beer is Budweiser. Join me as we explore the history, brewing process, taste, and more to unravel the mystery of Budweiser beer.

What is Budweiser?

Budweiser is a popular and well-known alcoholic beverage that is enjoyed by many people around the world. It is produced by the Anheuser-Busch company, which is based in the United States, and has been in production for over a century. 

The beer is made with a combination of hops, malts, and grains, which are brewed together to create a distinctive and refreshing flavor. Over the years, Budweiser has become a staple in many bars and restaurants, and is a common choice among beer drinkers.

Brewing Process of Budweiser Beer

The brewing process for Budweiser beer includes the following steps:

  1. Milling: The malted barley is crushed into a fine powder to expose the starches inside.
  2. Mashing: The crushed malt is mixed with hot water to create a mash, which is held at a specific temperature to activate enzymes that convert the starches into sugars.
  3. Lautering: The liquid extract of the mash, called wort, is separated from the spent grains.
  4. Boiling: The wort is boiled with hops to add bitterness, flavor, and aroma to the beer. This step also sterilizes the wort and helps to break down proteins.
  5. Fermentation: The cooled wort is transferred to a fermentation tank where yeast is added to convert the sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide. The fermentation process takes about one week.
  6. Aging and conditioning: The beer is transferred to another tank for a period of aging and conditioning, which can take several weeks. During this time, the beer develops its distinctive taste and aroma.
  7. Filtration: The beer is filtered to remove any remaining yeast and other particles.
  8. Carbonation: The beer is carbonated with carbon dioxide to add bubbles and a refreshing fizz.
  9. Packaging: The beer is packaged in bottles, cans, or kegs and shipped to distributors and retailers for sale to consumers.
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Flavor Profile of Budweiser Beer

The flavor profile of Budweiser beer is characterized by the attributes below:

  • Crisp: Budweiser has a crisp, clean taste with a refreshing finish.
  • Balanced: The beer has a well-balanced flavor profile, with a subtle sweetness and bitterness that complement each other.
  • Grainy: The use of high-quality grains, such as rice and barley, gives Budweiser a grainy flavor that is characteristic of lager beers.
  • Hoppy: The beer has a mild hoppy flavor, with a slight bitterness that provides a nice counterbalance to the sweetness of the malt.
  • Aromatic: Budweiser has a pleasant aroma that is slightly floral and grassy, with a hint of malt.
  • Smooth: The beer has a smooth mouthfeel, with a light to medium body that is easy to drink.

Overall, Budweiser has a distinctive flavor profile that is refreshing, balanced, and enjoyable for many beer drinkers.

What Kind of Beer is Budweiser?

Do you know what type of beer is Budweiser? Budweiser can be classified as an American lager due to its distinct characteristics, such as medium bitterness (measured by IBU of 12), high carbonation, light gold color (measured by SRM of 2-3), 5% alcohol content, the inclusion of rice in the brewing process, and being a bottom-fermented beer instead of top-fermented.

Is Budweiser a lager or beer?

Budweiser is a type of beer, specifically a lager beer. It is made using a specific combination of ingredients and brewing techniques that give it a unique flavor profile and aroma.

Is Budweiser a lager or ale?

Budweiser is a lager beer, not an ale. The main difference between lagers and ales is the type of yeast used in fermentation. Lagers are fermented using a strain of yeast that operates at cooler temperatures, while ales use a yeast strain that ferments at warmer temperatures.

Is Budweiser a pilsner or lager? 

Budweiser is a type of lager beer, but it is not specifically a pilsner. Pilsners are a specific type of lager beer that originated in the Czech Republic, and are characterized by their light color, crisp taste, and use of Saaz hops. While Budweiser shares some similarities with pilsners, it has its own unique flavor profile and brewing process that sets it apart from other lagers.

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What is A Lager? 

A lager beer is a type of beer that is fermented and conditioned at low temperatures, typically between 40°F (4°C) and 55°F (13°C). The word “lager” comes from the German word “lagern,” which means “to store.” 

Lagers are brewed using a specific type of yeast, called lager yeast, which ferments at these cooler temperatures and produces a clean, crisp taste with a slightly bitter finish. The ingredients used to make lagers are typically malted barley, hops, water, and sometimes other grains such as corn or rice.

Lagers can range in color from light to dark, and in alcohol content from low to high. Some popular examples of lager beers include Budweiser, Coors, Heineken, and Stella Artois.

What Type Of Lager Is Budweiser?

Budweiser is classified as an American lager, which is a sub-category of the general category of standard US beers, according to the Beer Judge Certification Program. 

American lagers are typically brewed using a combination of rice and barley malt, resulting in a medium-bodied beer with a mild flavor and medium bitterness. These beers are often highly carbonated and are meant to be refreshing and easy to drink.

As an American lager, Budweiser is one of the most popular beers in the US and is enjoyed by many for its crisp and refreshing taste.

Why is Budweiser Classified as an American Beer Lager?

Budweiser is classified as an American beer lager because it meets the criteria established by the Beer Judge Certification Program to qualify as such. The Program uses five general criteria to classify American beer, including bitterness (IBU), SRM (Standard Reference Method), original gravity (OG), fermentation, and alcohol content. 

  1. Bitterness (IBU): Budweiser has an IBU of 12, which falls within the standard range of 8-18 for American lagers.
  2. SRM (Standard Reference Method): Budweiser has an SRM of 2-3, which also falls within the standard range of 2-4 for American lagers.
  3. Original Gravity (OG): Budweiser’s OG is 11.0°, which is equivalent to a 1.044 OG and falls within the range of 1.040-1.050 for American lagers.
  4. Fermentation or Final Gravity (FG): Budweiser’s FG is 1.0059, which falls within the range of 1.004-1.010 for American lagers.
  5. Alcohol by Volume (ABV): Budweiser has an ABV of 5%, which falls within the typical range of 4.2%-5.3% for American lagers.

Does The Use of Rice Change How The Budweiser is Categorized?

Yes, the use of rice in Budweiser’s recipe is one of the factors that classifies it as an American beer lager, which is a subcategory of the general category of standard US beers. Rice is a common ingredient used in American lagers, along with barley malt, and contributes to the beer’s light body and mild flavor.

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Has Budweiser Always Been a Lager Beer?

Although Budweiser has always been a lager beer, its recipe and characteristics have changed over the years since it was first introduced in 1876. 

For example, the beer used to have a higher original gravity and alcohol percentage than it does today. Additionally, it used to be much hoppier in the late 1800s and early to mid-1900s, as people’s tastes and preferences have changed over time.

Despite these changes, Budweiser remains a popular and well-known beer enjoyed by many around the world.

Is Budweiser a Heavy Beer?

No, Budweiser is not a heavy beer. In fact, it is considered a medium-bodied beer with a crisp and refreshing taste. 

So what percent is Budweiser? Its alcohol content is 5% by volume, which is moderate compared to other types of beer. The use of rice in its recipe, in addition to barley malt and hops, gives it a lighter taste and lower carbohydrate content compared to other types of beer. 

Overall, Budweiser is a popular choice among beer drinkers who prefer a medium and refreshing taste.

Why is Budweiser so Strong for Many People?

Budweiser has an alcohol content of 5% by volume, which is considered a moderate level of alcohol for most beer drinkers. However, some people may find it strong because they are not used to drinking beer or because they are more sensitive to the effects of alcohol

Additionally, drinking Budweiser on an empty stomach or drinking it too quickly can cause the alcohol to be absorbed more quickly, leading to a faster and stronger effect. It is important to drink responsibly and in moderation to avoid any negative effects of alcohol consumption.

Is Budweiser a Bad Beer?

No, Budweiser is not a bad beer. It is a popular and well-known brand that has been enjoyed by many people around the world for over a century. 

While some beer enthusiasts may prefer other types of beer with more complex flavors, Budweiser has a distinctive taste that many people enjoy. It is a medium-bodied beer with a refreshing taste, and it is a popular choice for social gatherings, sporting events, and other occasions. 

Ultimately, whether or not a beer is considered “bad” depends on personal taste preferences.

What Beers Does Budweiser Make?

Besides knowing what type of beer is Budweiser, you should know many types of beer of Budweiser. Budweiser makes several different types of beers, including:

  1. Budweiser Lager: The classic and most popular version of Budweiser beer, which is brewed using a blend of barley malt, rice, and hops.
  2. Bud Light: A light beer that is lower in calories and alcohol content than the regular Budweiser Lager. It is made with the same blend of ingredients but has a lighter taste and lower carbohydrate content.
  3. Budweiser Select: A premium version of Budweiser beer that is brewed using a special blend of hops and barley malt for a fuller flavor and aroma.
  4. Budweiser Black Crown: A limited-edition beer that is brewed with a blend of two-row caramel malt and four types of domestic hops for a bold and smooth flavor.
  5. Budweiser Copper Lager: A special edition beer that is brewed using toasted caramel malt and aged on Jim Beam bourbon barrel staves for a rich and flavorful taste.
  6. Bud Light Lime: A light beer that is infused with a hint of lime flavor for a refreshing and summery taste.
  7. Bud Light Orange: A light beer that is infused with a hint of orange flavor for a fruity and refreshing taste.

In short, Budweiser offers a range of beer types to suit different tastes and occasions, from classic lagers to premium and limited-edition varieties.

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What Beer is Similar to Budweiser?

There are several beers that are similar to Budweiser in terms of taste and style. Some examples include:

  1. Coors Banquet: A classic American lager that is similar to Budweiser in its light and crisp taste.
  2. Miller Lite: A light beer that is brewed using similar ingredients as Budweiser, with a lower calorie and alcohol content.
  3. Michelob Ultra: A light beer that is similar to Budweiser in its refreshing taste and low-calorie content.
  4. Busch: An American lager that is brewed using similar ingredients as Budweiser, with a slightly sweeter taste and lower alcohol content.
  5. Pabst Blue Ribbon: An American lager that is similar to Budweiser in its light and crisp taste, with a slightly sweeter finish.

These beers are similar to Budweiser in terms of their light and refreshing taste, and they are popular among beer drinkers who enjoy a classic American lager style.


Is Budweiser beer American-owned?

Yes, Budweiser is owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev, a multinational beverage and brewing company based in Belgium.

Are lagers also pilsners? 

No, lagers and pilsners are two separate categories of beer. While all pilsners are lagers, not all lagers are pilsners. Pilsners are a type of lager beer that are brewed using a specific type of hops and are known for their crisp and bitter taste.

What does the date on Budweiser beer mean?

The date on Budweiser beer is the “Born On” date, which indicates the date on which the beer was bottled or canned. This date is printed on the packaging to help ensure freshness and quality.

How much beer does Budweiser produce a year?

As of 2021, Budweiser produces over 100 million barrels of beer per year, making it one of the largest beer brands in the world.

What beers does Anheuser Busch make?

Anheuser Busch, the parent company of Budweiser, makes several other beers, including Michelob Ultra, Bud Light, Busch, Stella Artois, and Shock Top, among others.

What is Budweiser the official beer for?

Budweiser has been the official beer of several sports leagues and events, including the NFL, MLB, NBA, and the FIFA World Cup.

Does Budweiser taste like Heineken?

Budweiser and Heineken have distinct flavor profiles, and while they are both lager beers, they have different ingredients and brewing processes. While some people may find similarities between the two, most would agree that they have different taste profiles.

What makes Budweiser taste better?

The taste of Budweiser is influenced by several factors, including the blend of ingredients used in the brewing process, the specific strain of yeast used, and the temperature and length of the fermentation process.

How many cans of Budweiser beer can get you drunk?

The number of cans of Budweiser beer it takes to get a person drunk depends on various factors such as the person’s weight, sex, and tolerance level. Generally, it takes around 3-4 cans of Budweiser beer for an average person to reach the legal blood alcohol content limit of 0.08%.

Why is Budweiser more expensive?

The price of Budweiser can vary based on several factors, including production costs, marketing and advertising expenses, and taxes. Additionally, the pricing may also be influenced by regional or local market factors, such as supply and demand, competition, and distribution costs.


After diving deep into the world of Budweiser beer, we can finally answer the question that brought us here: what type of beer is Budweiser? As a lager, Budweiser is brewed with a specific combination of hops, malts, and grains that give it a unique taste and aroma. While some may criticize Budweiser for its mass production and branding, it remains a beloved choice for many beer drinkers around the world. Whether you’re sipping on a Budweiser at a sporting event or enjoying it with a meal, one thing is for sure: this iconic beer will continue to hold a special place in the hearts of beer enthusiasts for years to come.